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Vision and Values

To aspire, endeavour and thrive together.

We have the highest expectations of students and ourselves, where every student is expected to work hard, behave well and contribute positively to the school community.

Everyone values learning; students are curious, open-minded and intrinsically motivated to learn, having effective learning habits and the unswerving belief that they can always improve.

Our students make exceptional progress and leave us with a set of examination results of which they can be proud and with the personal skills, values and character traits to thrive.

We deliver an enriching and challenging curriculum which results in students exceeding themselves both academically and personally, being exceptionally well-prepared for their chosen path.

We have highly effective, evidence-based teaching, learning and assessment, where we collaborate as a whole staff to persistently improve our pedagogy and where we evaluate our practice habitually.

We have the very best training programme for our staff, where all staff and leaders are fully invested in their continued professional development, every single colleague has a high quality development programme mapped out for them the moment they join our school.

We are inclusive, where every student fully feels that they belong, where we work hard to remove any barriers to learning and where all students are supported to succeed academically, personally and socially.

We have the unqualified support of our parents, where parents have the highest aspirations for their children and where they work with us in ensuring they receive an exceptional education.

Staff wellbeing is highly valuedwhere every single one of us is wholly committed to our work but has time to enjoy life beyond school, benefitting from a healthy work/life balance.

We live by a core set of values, directing our every interaction so they become the school’s DNA.

We have the highest reputation for excellence and the best teachers and support staff want to come and work here – and students from all around want to come and learn here – because they know they will thrive.


To develop in each of our students the academic skills, learning habits, values and character traits necessary to thrive and achieve excellence.


At Glossopdale School we place great emphasis on building strong character traits in all of our students. We firmly believe that strength of character is the fundamental cornerstone of academic success.

We have used the word THRIVE as an acronym to encapsulate our values.

Each of the letters stand for a character trait we want to see our students develop whilst at Glossopdale



  • Show motivation and determination in the face of challenges, adopting a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Recognise the importance of a strong work ethic; that endeavour is necessary to achievement and sometimes gratification needs to be deferred.
  • Understand that perceived ‘failure’ is not a step backward; it is a helpful stepping stone to success.
  • Remain optimistic and approach challenges with positivity, demonstrating resourcefulness and support for others.


Hard work

  • Recognise that only sustained effort, working conscientiously and trying your best at all times will lead to achieving your ambitions.
  • Take pride in producing work thoroughly, thoughtfully and carefully.
  • Take studies seriously, understanding their relevance, importance and rewards
  •  Work relentlessly to achieve and improve.



  • Communicate skilfully and sensitively so we understand others’ viewpoints and can represent our own effectively.
  • Ask first what we could change about ourselves rather than place blame on others.
  • Demonstrate compassion, generosity and empathy when confronted with difference or need, valuing and celebrating diversity.
  • Take good care of and value our school environment and each other, behaving in a well-mannered and courteous way.



  • Demonstrate self-reliance and independence.
  • Organise time, resources and tasks, meeting deadlines and demonstrating maturity.
  • Proactively seek solutions to problems, answers to questions and not passively accept barriers to progress.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, using growth mind-set approaches to change for the better.



  • Have self-belief in long-term aspirations and recognition of the sacrifices required to achieve these.
  • Offer curiosity and thoughtfulness; seeking out new knowledge and weaving it into our understanding of a complex world.
  • Value imagination, creativity and new perspectives.
  • Plan and direct efforts and energy positively and purposefully.



  • Produce high quality, crafted work, responding to feedback and guidance with enthusiasm and precision.
  • Commit to the highest standards of behaviour, attendance and punctuality.
  • Resist providing excuses for under-performance, rather striving for high performance and enjoying its rewards.
  • Have pride in themselves, pride in their uniform, & pride in their school.

Learning Habits

We have 4 learning habits at Glossopdale School and Sixth Form

  1. Silent Independent Practice

    1. This is when you are working on your own

      1. Do now completion

      2. Independent practice

      3. Exit tickets to demonstrate understanding

      4. Assessments

  2. Engaged Whole Class

    1. This is when the class are all focused on completing a specific task or activity together, this is often in silence too. 

      1. Teacher questioning using cold call, no-opt out questioning, say it again say it better and hunting not fishing

      2. Hinge questions, multiple choice questions

      3. Teacher explanations

      4. Deliberate vocabulary instruction

      5. Teacher reading

  3. Quiet Partners

    1. This is when you are working in a pair, you can talk quietly about the work you are doing. 

      1. Think, pair, share

      2. Collaborative questions

  4. Collaborative Groups

    1. This is when you are working in a small group, where everyone has a specific role

      1. PE practical lessons

      2. Science investigations

      3. Food Technology Practicals

      4. Technology Practicals

      5. Music group practice

      6. Dance and Drama group performance


Glossopdale School & Sixth Form

Glossopdale School, Newshaw Ln, Hadfield, Glossop SK13 2DA