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Student Leadership

Our student leaders

Student leaders exemplify our THRIVE Values, pride in our school and a desire to contribute to school and the wider community. 

We have a strong Student Leadership Team at Glossopdale School and Sixth Form.  Students apply for and are appointed to assist in a range of whole school activities both within the school and the wider community.

Head Students, Prefects, Student Leaders and Personal Development Ambassadors make up our Student Leadership Team.  They contribute to many activities such as morning line up, Student Council, Library ambassadors, guides, charity events, Assemblies and extra curricular clubs and ambassadors.

Aims of Student Leadership

  • To enable students to take ownership of their education at Glossopdale School and Sixth Form
  • To enable students feel a sense of pride in their achievements
  • To develop and strengthen student engagement 
  • To improve positive self esteem
  • To contribute to whole school improvement 
  • To shape the leaders of the future

Roles in Student Leadership

Head Students and Prefects

Year 11 and Post 16 students apply for and are appointed to the role of Head Student.  They work with the Director of Personal Development to run Student Council and have an input into issues that affect a students experience at Glossopdale.  They are a member of the Perfect Team and run Student Council in the absence of the Student Leader. They report to SLT periodically where Students observations and concerns are relayed.

Student Leadership Team

The Student leadership Team consists of Head Students, The Student Leaders, PD Ambassadors and Prefects.  Students are trained in Positive behaviour, Communication with Students and body language.  There are 20 students from KS4 on the team from Year 10 and 11 and a further 5 from Post 16.

The student Leadership team work alongside the Head Students on projects with Student Council, Wellbeing Ambassadors, Morning Line up, Buddy readers, Lunchtime duties, assemblies to name but a few.

Student Council

Students apply to be a member of the Student Council from all year groups.  This Council provides a means of Student expression and gives students the opportunity in all year groups, to experience leadership.

The Student Council aims to promote Education, Citizenship and Cultural values through a variety of activities.  They also provide a regular Student Voice and feedback to the Student Leadership Team.

Student Leadership Ladders

Student Leadership focuses on the elements of THRIVE as it allows students, through hard work and tenacity, to become independent individuals who can become responsible citizens, with a vision for excellence in their chosen future.

The leadership ladder can be started in Year 7 and completed throughout the following years.  Students work through each level and show evidence of: Hard Work and Responsibility for the Bronze award; Independence and Visionary for Silver and Excellence for Gold. 

Finally, Tenacity is the pinnacle and earning this entitles students to full THRIVE leadership status. Students are able to display their achievements with pride.  For each award, they will earn a tie pin in the relevant colour.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Our student Mental Health Ambassadors scheme began in 2019 and has grown and developed since.  Students who have an interest in this area are trained to recognise other students who may be struggling with their mental health and/or wellbeing, in doing so, they can direct them to the right person to support or agencies and apps such as Kooth, Young Minds or ‘CalmHarm’ (for example.  They work proactively together and with designated staff members  and are peer led to ensure that Glossopdale School and Sixth Form is a place where Social and Emotional and Mental Health is given a priority.

Glossopdale School & Sixth Form

Glossopdale School, Newshaw Ln, Hadfield, Glossop SK13 2DA