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Student Leadership

Student Leadership at Glossopdale School

At Glossopdale, we believe in nurturing our students to become well rounded individuals who can become the leaders of tomorrow as they prepare for life beyond School. Leadership activities allow students to gain a sense of community and cohesiveness.  The opportunities for student leadership at Glossopdale allow students to gain communication skills, interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, problem solving skills and confidence.  Student Leadership focuses on the elements of THRIVE as it allows our students, through hard work and tenacity to become independent individuals who can become responsible citizens, with a vision for excellence in their chosen future.

The following leadership opportunities are available for Glossopdale students across Years 7-13.

Subject Ambassadors

Subject Ambassadors show a flair, particular interest and commitment to a particular subject.  As students progress through the school, they can apply to become Subject Ambassadors in the summer term of Year 10.  Their application forms will be referred to the Faculty Team Leader to check for suitability.  Students will be informed by letter about the success of their application.  If successful, they will help out at Open Evenings, Parents Evenings and some will take part in subject specific assemblies.  They will also help with extraction groups such as G&T and nurture groups in the subject.  Our student Ambassadors often like to get involved in Primary Liaison and running clubs too.

Mental Health Champions

Our Mental Health Champions promote well-being across school, with a strong focus on anti-bullying and mental health.  This includes:

  • Giving guidance and support to individual students
  • Championing anti-stigma ethos throughout school
  • Involvement in super-learning days
  • Involvement in assemblies
  • Fund raising 
  • Support in the Hive
  • Training of others
  • Open to all year groups

Our mental health champions are student volunteers who need to be highly empathic and understanding people.  They are highly-trained in the areas of mental health, anti-stigma and inclusion.   Yellow Lanyards displaying the phrase 'wellbeing support' are worn by the ambassadors to make them easily identifiable to students seeking assistance or support.

Sports Leadership

Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful learners to assist in leading purposeful and enjoyable sport/physical activity, under direct supervision.   All Year 7 and 8 students take part in the Young Leader’s Award in PE Lessons at Glossopdale whilst Year 9 take part in the Junior Sports Leaders Award.  This allows students to develop and hone their leadership skills whilst keeping themselves and others physically active.  The students at Glossopdale learn and demonstrate Employability and Leadership skills such as effective communication, organisation skills and leading groups.  Year 10 and 11 take part in the Level 2 Leadership Award and handpicked leaders are able to complete this in curriculum time. The courses involve guided and peer to peer learning.  Students also take part in supervised leadership to endure they have the skills they need to lead basic physical activities to other people. 

Leadership Academy (High Peak School Sports Partnership) runs a scheme for Young Ambassadors to represent the High Peak at sports events.  Students from Glossopdale take part in this scheme and are interviewed by HPSSP before finding out if they have been successful.  

The PE students also help to lead and organise Primary School competitions that Glossopdale host for the community feder schools.  This involves a variety of students from all age groups who show excellent leadership skills/qualities and are really keen to get involved. 

Student Council and Executive

Student Council is a group of students elected by their peers to address issues of concern and organise student events and activities.  The opportunity is available to all students in all years.  Student Council Executive takes on a more strategic role within the school and is run by Head Boy and Girl who feed back to the Executive Headteacher.  The  Council Executive is made up of leaders from the Student Council Committees and the Director of Personal Development.

A Student Leader, picked each year by the Director of Personal Development, runs Student Council which is made up of 4 Committees - Education, Environment, Charity and Mental Health Champions.  The Executive is attended by the Executive Headteacher whenever possible.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Head Boy and Girl are elected every year at the end of Year 10 to take up the position once Year 11 leave and then throughout Year 11.  This is a prestigious position and they represent the school at events such as Open Evening and Parents Evenings.   They serve as a good role model for students, and share students' ideas with the school's leadership.  In order to apply for Head Boy and Girl (and deputies), students write an A4 letter of application from which a shortlist is created of 5 Boys and 5 Girls.  The Hustings and campaigning  then take place in one week where the candidates present a 2 minute speech in all year group Assemblies.  The election then takes place the week after over a couple of days.  The results of the successful candidates are  announced in assemblies the following week.

Head Boy and Girl speak to Governors about their journey and the role they have undertaken so far throughout Year 7-10.   They will also take a more active role in the running of Student Council and Executive and the coordination of Prefects.  They also meet regularly with the Executive Head teacher.


The role of a Prefect at Glossopdale School is primarily to be a good role model for younger students to aspire to.  In addition to this they help planning in school in collaboration with Head Boy and Girl and help to prepare students for the next stage of education and employment.  The skills that Prefects develop on the programme are decision making skills and communication skills.  The role also allows them to help drive the school priorities and become well rounded individuals.  Some of the activities Prefects get involved in include:

  • Representing the school at events
  • Forming the Prom committee, creating the yearbook
  • Organising the Year 11 common room
  • Supporting younger students
  • Roles of responsibility around the school
  • Arranging Year 11 events and competitions
  • Leading by example
  • Contributing ideas to school council and Senior Leadership
  • Organising student voice
  • Fundraising
  • Supporting the Year 11 newsletter

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

We are extremely pleased to offer the opportunity of gaining the  Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver awards at Glossopdale.  This is very popular with our students and enables them to take part in a life changing experience.  The DofE allows students to have fun with their friends whilst also allowing them to discover new interests and talents.  The students gain a recognised mark of achievement which is respected by employers.

The Bronze and Silver Awards each have four sections to complete.  They involve helping the environment, becoming fitter, developing new skills and completing an expedition. Any student can take part in the scheme regardless of ability, gender or background. Achieving the award is all about setting personal challenges and pushing personal boundaries.

Students are offered the opportunity to take part in the Bronze Award in Year 9 and Silver Award in Year 10.  Students do not have to achieve the Bronze award before embarking on the Silver Award.

Post 16

Leadership at Post 16 is a chance for our students to further hone their skills and take a more senior role in the school.  Examples of leadership opportunities at Post 16 include membership of Student Council (from Sept 2020, hopefully leading committees), regular meetings with Post 16 Staff, planning charity events and fundraising, delivering assemblies and planning trips and activities.

Post 16 Student Mentors also act as an Ambassador for the Sixth Form during events such as Open Evening, Recruitment Fairs and Assemblies.  This role is dynamic and covers a wide range of activities including Sports, Dance, Art, clubs and societies.


At Glossopdale, we believe Student Leadership Opportunities allow students to increase their personal productivity which benefits the school and wider community as a whole.  They allow us to nurture students to become future leaders and increase employee engagement.  The students can use these opportunities to develop their effective leadership styles and to enable them to make better decisions.  Most of all, they allow students to take part in fun activities with their friends and develop into responsible citizens.

Leadership Engages All Departments (at Glossopdale) Enabling Responsible Students (to show) High Interaction (and gain skills from a wealth of) Possibilities.

Coming Soon in 2020-21….The Student Leadership THRIVE Ladder (Years 7-11)

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