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Assessment and Reporting


At Glossopdale School, each pupil’s target grades in year 10 and 11 are calculated using their externally provided cogitative ability test (CATs) results. 

The DfE and Ofsted have also removed the compulsory use of National Curriculum levels and have directed schools to choose their own preferred model to track pupils’ progress to enable them to achieve their best. 

At Key Stage 3

All students have been given a grade on their assessments. Grades A to E will be determined by the subject leader as a response to curriculum. It indicates the extent these assessments demonstrate curriculum coverage. 

The grades are not designed to show what has been learnt; only how much has been learnt. They are flags, not maps.

Alongside assessment grades students will have a colour coded box which identifies students who;

  • are a priority for intervention (Red) 

  • Students with high Attainment or who have made a significant improvement from their baseline (Green). These students are identified by subject leaders.

Students will receive two or three reports each year which will include a judgement about whether they are on track for each subject, information on their performance in our Thrive attitudes to learning, and information on key pastoral data (for example attendance and punctuality statistics). Crucially, in every subject they will receive next step actions. These are specific activities to do which will help move them forwards. These activities should be carried out in the weeks following a report.

Leaders and teachers report on the progress that pupils are making towards all aspects of the curriculum over the time they are in the school. 

At Key stage 4

Teachers report a GCSE forecast. This shows how we would expect them to achieve in each subject at the end of the qualification if they continue to work as they are now. Each subject has been colour coded in relation to prior attainmentas above. 

A judgement is made on how well they are making progress in each subject area. This is reported as a colour.

Gold = above expected for their prior attainment, Green = at expected for their prior attainment, Amber = below expected for their prior attainment, Red = significantly below expected for their prior attainment.

Students have two targets which are GCSE grades which will demonstrate good progress through their time in the school.  These grades are not shared with the pupils. One is the grade they are expected to get, given their starting point, and the other is an aspirational grade which we encourage them to strive for. As we learn more about each individual student, targets can be revised, and this is done in consultation with the subject teacher, the student, the faculty leader and the senior leadership of the school. 

All GCSE subjects now assess using 9-1 grades, replacing A*-G. A Grade 7 is equivalent to an A grade, Grade 5 is a ‘strong pass’ and Grade 4 is a ‘standard pass’.  Vocational subjects range from Level 2 Distinction* to a Level 1 Pass. All students complete the Sports Leaders award as part of Core PE. These are graded as Level 2 and Level 1. Entry Level grades are EL3, EL2, EL1.

 We aim for all students to have 100% attendance. The minimum expectation is 97%. The Department of Education have produced evidence about the impact of absence on grades; an attendance rate of 93% has been shown to lower the performance of students by at least 1 grade in all subjects. Take a look at your child’s performance. If they have attended less than 93%, their attendance could be affecting their progress. Please support your child in attending school every day.

 We also report THRIVE Attitude to Learning. Significant strengths are shown by “Y”, areas for development are shown by an “N”. 

Our THRIVE values...



  • Show motivation and determination in the face of challenges, adopting a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Recognise the importance of a strong work ethic; that endeavour is necessary to achievement and sometimes gratification needs to be deferred.
  • Understand that perceived ‘failure’ is not a step backward; it is a helpful stepping stone to success.
  • Remain optimistic and approach challenges with positivity,  demonstrating resourcefulness and support for others.


Hard work

  • Recognise that only sustained effort, working conscientiously and trying your best at all times will lead to achieving your ambitions.
  • Take pride in producing work thoroughly, thoughtfully and carefully.
  • Take studies seriously, understanding their relevance, importance and rewards
  • Work relentlessly to achieve and improve.



  • Communicate skilfully and sensitively so we understand others’ viewpoints and can represent our own effectively.
  • Ask first what we could change about ourselves rather than place blame on others.
  • Demonstrate compassion, generosity and empathy when confronted with difference or need, valuing and celebrating diversity.
  • Take good care of and value our school environment and each other, behaving in a well-mannered and courteous way.



  • Demonstrate self-reliance and independence.
  • Organise time, resources and tasks, meeting deadlines and demonstrating maturity.
  • Proactively seek solutions to problems, answers to questions and not passively accept barriers to progress.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, using growth mind-set approaches to change for the better.



  • Have self-belief in long-term aspirations and recognition of the sacrifices required to achieve these.
  • Offer curiosity and thoughtfulness; seeking out new knowledge and weaving it into our understanding of a complex world.
  • Value imagination, creativity and new perspectives.
  • Plan and direct efforts and energy positively and purposefully.



  • Produce high quality, crafted work, responding to feedback and guidance with enthusiasm and precision.
  • Commit to the highest standards of behaviour, attendance and punctuality.
  • Resist providing excuses for under-performance, rather striving for high performance and enjoying its rewards.
  • Have pride in themselves, pride in their uniform, & pride in their school.

Glossopdale School & Sixth Form

Glossopdale School, Newshaw Ln, Hadfield, Glossop SK13 2DA