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Aims and ambitions:

The Art Department is committed to educating and inspiring students through a varied and exciting curriculum. We aim to introduce and develop necessary skills, knowledge and understanding, to enable individuals to explore and develop their creative ideas with confidence, gradually taking responsibility for their development as they become more independent. We believe that the skills gained in Art help students throughout their school life and beyond the classroom. Art should help students to observe and question the world around them and build a healthy curiosity resulting in creative problem solving and skilful application of visual language. A recent ambition is for all students to have an understanding of how art has developed over time from cave painting through the timeline to the present day and to be able to place art they see in everyday life into an accurate time slot through their gained knowledge.

In Key Stage 3 students follow a wide and varied course, exploring a range of themes and ideas. They learn techniques to improve their drawing and develop skills in painting, printmaking, sculpture and photo-manipulation. Students start to analyse the work of other artists and to evaluate their own and others’ work. During Year 9 the emphasis is on building up skills through teacher-led workshop-style lessons, whilst exploring specific themes.

At Key Stage 4 students follow a GCSE course in Art, Craft & Design. Students are encouraged to work independently, developing their own ideas, within the framework of a theme. Two to three units of coursework are usually produced and in January of Year 11 students start work on their Externally Set Task, which consists of approximately 10 weeks exploration of a chosen topic and 10 hours of controlled time to produce a final outcome.


Subject Leader: Mrs. Wood 


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Glossopdale School & Sixth Form

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